About Us

  • Arista Services include:
  • Building envelope solutions

    Mold remediation

    Laboratory testing services

    Full service demolition


    Header, stud and sill      replacement

    Windows and doors

    Sill build up

Arista Building Envelope Contractors Ltd. is now one of the well recognized
companies in the field of Building Envelope Restoration in the Provinces of Ontario
and Alberta. We are a multi-faceted company with a wide range of capabilities
including the installation of Cement Stucco, Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems
(EIFS) Applications, Stone Veneer Applications, Waterproofing, Roofing, Sealants, Landscaping and overall Building Maintenance. Over the years our contractors
have been trusted for their vast experience in the application of EIFS and
Conventional Cement Stucco Systems, combined with our ability to provide quality
service on projects ranging from high rise residential and mixed use buildings,
commercial and retail buildings, institutional facilities and low rise residential
buildings. Furthermore, our company specializes in restoring and/or re-cladding
buildings with fatigued and deteriorated building envelopes and building interiors.

Committed To Excellence

Arista Building Envelope Contractors Ltd stands ready to assist you with the
challenging restoration issues you face as a Facilities Director, Building Manager,
Architect, Engineer or Commercial Property Owner. Whether it’s an immediate issue
you face, or the development of future budgets, we can help.

Arista Building Envelope Contractors Ltd is committed to providing effective single
source solutions, quality workmanship, the atmost safety, and devoted customer
on each and every project. We assist our customers in understanding the existing conditions that should be addressed before these issues become larger, more complex problems.

Toward that end, we develop preventive maintenance plans to meet the specific need
of each customer based on specific property conditions and cost considerations. These plans provide building owners and property managers with a road map to prioritize, budget, and perform required maintenance proactively.

Property inspections and preventative maintenance programs
Full service construction and restoration services
Exterior building envelope restoration